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Established in 1989, Bowie & Beresko APLC has turned into a top law firm in the Shreveport, LA area for over 30 years!

With Bowie & Beresko APLC, you can rest assured knowing that your legal problems will be handled swiftly and efficiently. Our mission is to provide care and concern for our clients alongside meticulous preparation for their legal proceedings. We make a point to keep our clients fully informed on the status of their proceedings.

If you need assistance in family law, bankruptcy, personal injury or other legal matters, call us today at 318-221-0600.

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You can count on the experience, knowledge, and compassion of Bowie & Beresko, APLC. At our firm, we understand that thoughtfulness and individual consideration is needed in all legal issues.

Family and children are always put first to ensure we can do what is right for the families and individuals we represent.

Our experienced attorneys are ready to handle your case. No matter what your family issue may be, we will devote ourselves to helping you move forward.


Bankruptcy is a difficult and demanding process. Often, when bankruptcy becomes necessary, it is the result of some unforeseen event or external circumstance.

Family Law

We have been handling family law cases for over 30 years. Your family is the most important thing in your life, and it is crucial to find a lawyer whose background and expertise are devoted to protecting families.

Lemon Law

Alfred R. Beresko of Bowie & Beresko, APLC, will assist you if your bought a new vehicle that is a "lemon", which can be a new car, a motor home, or a boat that has certain defects.

Criminal Law

At Bowie & Beresko, APLC, it is the mission of our criminal defense lawyer to ensure that everyone's constitutional rights are protected, no matter what they are being charged with.

Personal Injury

With over 33 years of experience, we have represented a wide variety of clients who have sustained numerous types of injuries from simple fractures to serious brain damage and even death.

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