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Navigating a divorce is a difficult process for any family. When the process involves negotiating child custody, alimony, child support, and dividing up mutual assets, it becomes all the more difficult. At Bowie & Beresko, APLC, our number one priority is to make sure your best interests are served at all times during your divorce proceeding.

For the past 38 years, when our clients are looking for the most trusted divorce lawyer Shreveport can provide, they’ve called Bowie & Beresko, APLC. Our lawyer, Alfred R. Beresko has attended law school in Louisiana and has decades of experience in the courtroom. In every case, we bring our knowledge, compassion, and experience to the table so that your family is protected throughout the process. Each case is given careful individual consideration to bring your divorce to a peaceful conclusion.

About Our Divorce & Family Law Services

We know that your divorce is stressful enough without having to worry about complex legal matters. Even in divorces in which both parties agree on all the terms of separation, divorce lawyers are often needed to ensure all of the legal issues are wrapped up neatly. Every divorce is different, but you may need to contact Bowie & Beresko, APLC if you need any of the following services:

  • Negotiating Divorce or Separation: Louisiana allows for no-fault divorces after a certain period of separation. This means that you do not normally need a specific reason for divorce, but in most cases you need to live separately for a period of time before you can obtain a Judgement of Divorce. If you are alleging adultery or domestic violence, you may be able to obtain a divorce in a short period of time. In general, for couples who do not have minor children together, that time period is 180 days. Most often, for couples with minor children, it is one year. With a divorce lawyer Shreveport trusts, the process of filing for divorce will be much simpler.
  • Settling Property Disputes: A divorce still entails complicated division of assets, even for couples who do not have children together. In terms of property, a Louisiana court will look to make a equal division of a couple’s assets. Of course, each spouse may have their own definition of “equal.” Your divorce lawyer in Shreveport will ensure that you are awarded a fair portion of your shared property by protecting your rights.
  • Child Custody Agreements: Alfred R. Beresko is dedicated to protecting the best interests of your children. If you are able to agree on a custody arrangement yourself, the court will typically follow that. If the spouses cannot agree, then your divorce lawyer will work on your behalf to ensure that the emotional and physical well-being of the children is prioritized in the custody proceedings. There’s a lot at stake in any child custody dispute, which is why you deserve a Shreveport divorce lawyer who is knowledgeable about these complex cases.
  • Negotiating Alimony and Child Support: Child support is designed to ensure that a couple’s children will receive a fair amount of financial support from both parents, even if they do not live under the same roof. Alfred R. Beresko will work tirelessly to ensure that the child support amount dictated by the court is fair. He will also do the same for those seeking spousal support. Contact a lawyer who will fight for your best interests. Contact Alfred R. Beresko, at Bowie & Beresko.
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What Can I Expect When I Work With A Shreveport Divorce Lawyer?

When you decide to work with divorce lawyers in Shreveport, you’re bringing a trusted legal partner into your life. We understand that a divorce is a highly personal affair and will impact many other aspects of your life. Our goal is to make your divorce an easier process so that you can move onto the next chapter of your life without any complicated loose ends.

From serving divorce papers to negotiating child custody agreements, our Shreveport divorce lawyers will advance your best interests at every turn. We will breakdown complicated legal terms so that you have a clear understanding of every facet of your divorce. If you need to go to family court to settle disagreements, we will be by your side and dedicated to reaching the best outcome for your family.

If you are seeking help from divorce lawyers in Shreveport, contact Bowie & Beresko, APLC as soon as possible. You can fill out our easy online contact form, email us, or call us at 318-221-0600.

Alfred R. Beresko,

…a Board Certified Family Law Specialist, has decades of experience in the courtroom and has been handling difficult family law cases for over 38 years. Whether you’re navigating a mediated divorce or need to plead your case in family court, we will be here to fight for your rights. Your children are always put first during these complicated legal proceedings, and we work hard to do all we can for the families, children, and parents we represent.

In addition to child custody agreements, Shreveport divorce attorney Alfred R. Beresko can assist you with every aspect of divorce, legal separation, and child support. Don’t hesitate to contact our legal team if you need help with:

  • Divorce & Mediated Divorce
  • Property division
  • Spousal support and alimony disputes
  • Child support
  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Wills and successions
  • Domestic violence issues

In every case, we bring our knowledge, compassion, and experience to the table so that your family is protected throughout the process. Each situation is given careful individual consideration to bring your case to a peaceful conclusion.

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  • Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization

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